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Friday, April 30, 2010

Angel Whispers: Angel message of the day

To hear our words is to be open to possibilities. Kno that the possibilities are endless. Know that we are here for you. Ask us to guide during times of worry and times that are difficult. We are here for you listening to all that concerns you.

The Goddess Process - Step One Acceptance

Cartoon video about the first step in the Goddess Process - Acceptance. You can become a Goddess Process Ambassador by passing this video to the people in your network and voting for the Goddess Process at Help us bring this healing message to the WORLD!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sacred Truths An Unveiled Path to an Abundance of Joy, Meaning and Love - Tambra Harck

Sacred Truths are informed by cosmic and elemental laws that some may call Universal Principles or Divine Laws. I have spent my life as a student and teacher, seeking always to learn and apply, and offer the discoveries as I unearth them. Mine is a soulful approach. I honor wholeness, seeing the richness of who we each are as inner-beings with outer-lives. An unveiled path traverses both directions, inner and outer.

Sacred Truths apply to our whole Selves. With them I believe you can truly transform your life. That's a big statement, I know, transform your life. It's not one I make lightly. I know  both from my own personal journey, and from the many thousands of clients and students I have worked with that lasting and sustained transformation really can and does happen - even with the slightest shifts in your energy and awareness. Often, it is the slight shifts that bring about the deepest changes.

The word truth may conjure up ideas that I am a guru, or that I'm purporting to have all the answers. That is not the case. The one absolute Truth I hold is that you are a radiant soul, a person with unique gifts to express and share with the world.

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The Amazing Gift of Grief: From Spirit with Love How to Heal a Broken Heart Through Spirituality - Deborah Mathews

"The Amazing Gift of Grief from Spirit with Love" This is an amazing book on how to heal grief. Truly a book the world has been waiting for. It is my personal story of loss and how I survived. This is my spiritual journey of how my life path has directed me to spirituality by having lost a child and spouse within eighteen months. Being blessed by losing my job and finding that spirit has been waiting for just the right moment to awakening my sleeping soul. This book will shock you, surprise you, make you cry, and open your life to spirit along the way. It is my joy to bring this information to the world! After your vote has been cast, please follow the link to claim a free chapter I wrote in a new book on spirituality. This is my thank you for your support. 

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Angel Whispers, Angel message of the day.

Open your hearts to all you meet and to all you know today. Hear the messages with in your heart today, hear the messages with in. Let the clarity of messages be what you need to hear today. Let the joy be felt whereever you go. Donot give up no matter what, for we your angels are with you. Ask us for assistance and we will be with you today.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Magic Carpet Ride

Our Divine Imagination is a magic carpet ride into our hearts. Summon your courage, fly away and venture forth into Love’s glorious depths. Freedom has always been ours but the mind would have us think otherwise. If we want Love we must give Love because Love is all there.

In the News

The mind is very adept at using the news media to propagate it’s endless messages of worry, fear, suspicion, doubt and tragedy which, keep us preoccupied with events in the outer world. This greatly pleases the mind because we forget to look within our hearts, where mind has no power and Love reigns supreme.

Angel Whispers: Angel message of the day

Let your joy show today. Let the peace that is with in your very core radiate for all to see. Joy is a wonderful feeling and needs to be shown for all . Don't be afraid to dance the dance of joy for all to see. Joy can be contagious. Think that when we all show our joy, how wonderful our world could be. Let your light shine for all to see. Today is a day of JOY. Celebrate!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Angel Whispers; Angel message for the Day: Angel Message of the day

Angel Whispers; Angel message for the Day: Angel Message of the day

"Child do not panic at the confusion you maybe feeling today. Let you worries be warnings that you may need to slow down and work at a slower pace. Let go of lifes issues for a time today and just be. Relax and tell us your concerns. We can only help if you ask for guidance. Take care of you and be at peace. " 

Monday, April 26, 2010

Conversations with Guv

Kos: Ego have you noticed that many of those 60's and 70's songs playing on the radio sound so different now?

Ego: Yes I notice your heart is crying for joy. Why is that?

Kos: Well firstly I am paying more attention the words,

secondly I interpret the conversation as more of a 3-way conversation between my male part, my female part and my Guv inside the heart rather than the more conventional 2-way conversation between 2 human lovers that I related to, over last decades,

and thirdly I can now feel the pure unconditional love emanating from the singer that I never was able to feel before!

Ego: Very compelling? Let’s ask Guv for his take on it.

Guv: You know music is frequency and love is frequency – consider that all that unconditional love was pouring out along, but the frequency of you Kos was not at a sufficient to resonate with it.

Congratulations to both of you – you Kos have done a lot of inner work over the last two years especially and now Ego is taking time off from his busy 24/7 schedule to tune in to us. But guys we need to get up early tomorrow morning – let’s pack it up for the night.

The Angel Message for the day

The Angel Message for today
Be at peace, for clarity will be coming soon. Let your concerns turn into knowing that all will be fine. Let the universe take care of your worries and let the universe do what is needed for to all to be right. Patience is needed, trust is needed. Clarity is coming and you will understand why your vison is happening on the universe's time clock.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

We are driving along - The sheego

We are driving along - The sheego (student ego is driving)

Guv is in the back seat and Kos (the consciousness of the owner of the vehicle) is moving it's focus as heeThis is the part 2 of my vehicle analogy

KOS: I'ma bit scared - you are going too fast

HEEGO: You have trusted me for the last 40 years - what is the panic now?

KOS: I forgot that GUV is wide awake in the back and he can give us a shortcut to take all this pressure off

GUV: I'm here guys just tell me if you want a gentle shortcut or a dramatic one

Hey all you creative wordsters - who can venture the next sound byte?

Conversations with Guv

Kos: Ego have you noticed that many of those 60's and 70's songs playing on the radio sound so different now?

Ego: Yes I notice your heart is crying for joy. Why is that?

Kos: Well firstly I am paying more attention the words,

Secondly I Interpret the Conversation as more of a 3-way Conversation Between my male part, my female part and my Guv Inside the Heart Rather Than the more Conventional two-way Conversation Between two human Lovers That I related to, over last Decades,

and thirdly I can now feel the pure unconditional love emanating from the singer that I never was able to feel before!

Ego: Very compelling? Let's ask Guv for his take on it.

Guv: You know-music love is frequency and is frequency - Consider That all That Unconditional Love Pouring Out Along Tyler, But the frequency of you Kosat a Tyler not Sufficient to Resonate with it.

Congratulations to Both of you - you Koshave done a lot of inner work over the last Two years Especially now and Ego is Taking time off from His busy 24 / 7 schedule to Tune in to us. But guys we need to get up early tomorrow morning - let's pack it up for the night.

The Angel Message of the Day

Today's Message from the Angels: Donot be afraid to be who you are. Embrace all that you are and celebrate the goodness that you are. Let the peace deep in your hearts bring you to a place of calmness. May your dreams be realities and may your realities be bigger than you ever imagined. Its ok to dream large. We your angels are helping you and guiding you to be all that you are this very day. Dont look too far into the future and don't look back to far.. Each thought that you have this very minute is the catalyst for dreams being realities.

DARE to be your BEST - Stuart Rosen

Steve Rossman finds himself at the crossroads in the middle of nowhere. He's out of a job, out of options and out of gas. An old man offers him a ride and dares him to take a journey. He gives Steve a deck of cards, each card having a mission, that sends him from teacher to teacher. Through his journey he meets extraordinary people who show him the principles of Life (DARE) and of Self (BEST); and the farther he gets away from home, the closer he gets to himself.

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The 5 KEYs to Releasing DRAMA from your life - Sabriye Sambou

Watch the video 5 KEYs to Releasing DRAMA from your life by Sabriye Sambou. Learn how to create the life you deserve with the Goddess Process.

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Let and Get

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Conversations with Guv

Student Ego: I'm integrating the notion that I'm not alone anymore and there's some real help available in the back seat

Guv: Ego you have have conditioned for thousands of lives to fear other humans and to look over your shoulder at the slightest prompt. Consider that this behaviour no longer serves you. My job is to teach you that you can start trusting in the Universe again

Kos: Where do I fit in - in all of this?

Guv: Everytime Ego learns to trust - you integrate that so you are witnessing how Ego is starting to become aligned with Laws of the Universe.

Kos: Let's pull in at the next service station - I need a snooze

Angel Message of the day

Todays message from the Angels is as follows:
Be kind to yourself in times of hardship, know that we your angels are here for you. Ask us for the guidance you desire and be at peace and have totally clarity of the situation. When you negate through not trusting our help it can take longer for the desire to be reached. Let us take your worries away and let us spread the calmness to you at all times. We are the helpers and you are the messengers. Know your truth and be at peace in all things. Share your knowledge.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Destiny Decision Integrating Choice and Grace on Your Sacred Path of Purpose - Michelle Casto

The Destiny Decision is a book to answer the age-old questions--Who am I? Why am I here? How Can I serve?

This book has been given in divine timing for the massive shift in consciousness that Planet Earth is experiencing. The Destiny Decision is an experiential journey ideal for the seeker who is ready to find their treasure within, discover their soul's purpose, and say Yes, Yes, Yes to the life that is waiting for them.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How We See Our World

Who invented this planet anyway? Believe it or not we did. Life on Earth as we know it is an expression of humanity’s combined thoughts, feelings and actions. Instead of trying to change the world we should strive to discover our true nature as Soul, Child of God, perfect and free. Once we do the world appears differently.
Check out my audio pitch here.

No Strings Attached

Recently I got tired of being a puppet on a string, running here, running there, not really getting anywhere. I’m not sure why, but I woke up and then it all made sense. Until that point I’d lived my life deep in mind’s pretense. I found my heart, dove straight in and much to my surprise, I landed smack dab in the center of Spirit’s Loving Eyes.
Check out my audio pitch.

Beyond the Mind

Imagine billions of beings living in a room so vast that very few can see it’s walls or ceiling. Every human experience occurs within it’s confines. Many call it Life. This gigantic room is actually your mind and until you can get beyond it you will continue to live within it’s limitations and believe you are free. There is a door leading to spiritual freedom beyond the mind, glowing eternally in your Loving heart.

Heart Murmurs - Jean Tindle

In all of my healing work, and all of the ceremonies I do, there is one area that I find over and over again in need of opening and healing and that is the heart. This book will talk about ways to open and heal the heart center, and keep it open in good times and bad.

In opening our hearts we become more able to release anger and grief, more open to love, and to living a life filled with joy.This book will include practical exercises, meditations, and internet assistance based on Jean's shamanic practice, crystal healing work and deep connection to the elements of our sacred Mother Earth.

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Sanctuary of Creativity A Quest into Flow and the Authentic Self - Wal Achmueller and Nirmama Clark

Yes, it is true when you climb high you can fall low, the important thing is - you have to get up again, and over time what it really comes down to is: how deeply rooted are you in your Self, how deeply do you know your passion? How committed are you to your passion, even in the face of adversity? This book intends to help you to come to the center of the wheel, to come to your Sanctuary of Creativity where in the face of adversity you can remain still and have peace of mind, joy in the heart, feel connected and know that the next best thing is just around the corner.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Only God is God

Only God is God. We exist because of God’s Love and we are all God’s children. Love is a Gift from God which we share with others. Round and round and round it goes. This how I see, feel, taste and Love all life.

Our True Nature

Soul, in it’s self-realized state is like a wild stallion; noble, free-spirited, unfettered, spontaneous and forever roaming the wondrous skies of heaven. Humans, without Spiritual awareness are like tamed work horses, corralled, kept in reign by the mind and forever following the dictates of others.

An Inspired Soul is one through which Spirit’s Love flows like a glorious river of light and an ecstatic song of joy. The sublime sweetness of Spirit’s holy breathe always brightens, enlivens and enriches the lives of others.

WHAT IF...? How To Find Who You Are And What Drives Your Life Using The Judgements You Make - - Ann Denman

'What If?'

How To Find Who You Are And What Drives Your Life Using The Judgements You Make.

This is a self help book that will give you a tool to change your life for the better. It asks you to explore your inner landscape through questions about your belief system and your judgements. It finds where you store your beliefs in your body and how to eliminate those that don't work for you. It contains examples and stories to help you and also EFT/Meridian tapping techniques to assist you in changing what doesn't work in your life.

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Pink Electrons of Love manifestion - behind the scenes - Peleg Yagen

My name is Peleg Yagen and my Top Id 602. Thank you everyone for tuning in And Thank you - James and Robert for bringing together so many amazing and diverse Lightworkers. SO without further ado I introduce my new illustrated book called Pink Electrons of Love Subtitle Manifestation behind the scenes The book will come with a link to youtube where you can see the computer animation for the 7 stages of the manifestation process 

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Mercury in Retrograde 4/18-5/11/10

Hello All,

Mercury went retrograde at 12:05 AM EST time (4/18/10). Mercury will be retrograde till 5/11/10.

Mercury Retrograde is a time of inner reflection. It’s time to take communication and perception and merge them into one synergetic reflection of who we are, what we want to be and use the energy of introversion to understand it.

Mercury is currently in Taurus. The reflection of the calming essence of getting yourself integrated and grounded can find itself at the root of this Mercury in retrograde. Taurus represents the essential calmness of complexity in all of us. Find Taurus in your birthchart and see where your life needs a simple form of groundedness and still perception of the heart. Understanding the flow of getting your hands immersed in the “soul” can lead to the sense of unification of you and the earth.

As with any Mercury in Retrograde he is asking you to calm down and look inside. But in the case of the “Bull” that reflection must come in the balance we share with spirit and with the Earth. You must stay grounded in this Mercury retrograde or the wheels will come off and the spare will be of little use. Find time to reflect upon what you feel in the journey into spring. Acknowledge the specialness of the oneness we share with the Earth.
Earth Day is in conjunction with this Mercury in retrograde and with it being in Taurus it is giving a special emphasis on what we need to pay attention to. If we find ourselves feeling the specialness that our Earth provides our being, we will be in alignment with what we are being shown during this period. You must find time to get out of your office and spend time with the “Great Mother”. Look at her as you did as a child with wonderment and appreciation. Thank her for all the gifts she gives us and be mindful of what we take from her. Know that we take from ourselves when we take from the “Great Mother”. During this period if you are not being reflective and thankful for all the “Great Mother” provides us this Mercury in retrograde will see to it that you are.
Love and Light…

Brad Williams Astrology


Consider this. You are Soul; not a body, not your feelings and not your thoughts or your mind. You are Soul, eternal and perfect, captain of your mystic ship; God or Goddess of your universe. Set your sails and allow the winds of Loving Spirit to fill your golden heart and carry you away.

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Out of My Mind

Human beings create nothing original. We simply reassemble molecules over and over again. All of nature is in a state of flux, constantly reorganizing matter to maintain balance. Things only ‘differ’ in the worlds of duality. There is no opposite to Divine Love. It permeates all life but to experience it fully, one must rise above the worlds of differences, literally out of the body and far beyond the mind.

In the lower worlds of duality everything has it’s opposite. For this reason it is human nature to compare everything; bigger, smaller, closer, farther, better, best etc; you get the picture. By going beyond the mind you can experience something which has no opposite and is incomparable; Divine Love, residing in your heart, right here, right now.

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Quotes from "It Does Matter and So Do You"

I believe wisdom is worth something when you share it. Therefore I am sharing some inspirational quotes from several of my books.

Inspirational Quotes
by Beth Rosen
Copyright © 2010

"Love will take you beyond your limits until you realize you have no limits."

"If something is out of your reach, start growing."

The Heart
"If it makes your heart sing, you are in harmony with the universe."

"A stroke of luck is usually do to a stroke of genius."

Soul - Your True Self

Whenever you touch me an ancient Phoenix slowly rises from the ashes deep within my heart. I am reborn and rise far beyond the heavens of religion into the golden vestibule of all Life. I am Soul and sunbathe in the warmth of your indomitable Divine Love.

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I love kids. Recently I was introduced to a young girl. I asked her how old she was. When she replied ‘I am 6 years old’ I responded with ‘Wow!! you must be living a wonderful life because when I was your age I was only 4.’ Her parents broke into uproarious laughter and she beamed with a remarkable brightness. Words imbued with Love can work wonders.

The Power of Words

A young boy I know was telling me about his invisible friends. I smiled as he shared his adventures with these remarkable beings. He asked me if I truly believed in their existence. “of course” I replied, “It is obvious that your invisible friends are real because I can’t see them.”

Divinity of Woman

When I say I Love you I am reflecting what I see, feel, hear, touch and taste. The sweet nectar lies within thee precious Woman and flows like a majestic waterfall from your heart into mine.

Hey Bartender - another round for the house

The problem with this circle I’m in is that I always come back to the same place, over and over again. Jeez, I wish I could understand what reincarnation is ‘wheely’ all about.

Anything residing in a circle always returns to the same place many times over; this is the nature of the circle.

The largest circle the mind can possibly imagine sits within yet one more circle. Have you ever felt like you were going around in circles?

A circle is an interesting construct of the mind. It surrounds things and also prevent things from entering. Making a conscious choice to enter or exit a circle is much different than unknowingly living inside someone else’s circle.

The circle has been a powerful symbol throughout human history. It is said to represent unity, completion, perfection and even God. The symbol for infinity is no more than a circle with a twist. As Soul I view circles as a limiting construct of the nasty little mind. I am free and live outside of all circles in the boundless ocean of Spirit’s Love, where all circles have their being.

3rd dimension? 4th dimension? 5th dimension and beyond? It doesn’t matter; they’re all dimensions, limited constructs of the mechanical mind trapped forever in the worlds of matter and time. Love has no dimensions. Stop measuring and start treasuring.


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Face it and Forget It

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"Most people cross the bridge when they come to it but the master builds a bridge so he can cross it."

Apocalypse The Path for Transformation - Al Rama Lahan

This story develops into a trilogy where the reader, following the story, finds a way to a self-development, self-empowerment and spiritual and self realization.

The book title "Apocalypse" relates to the unexpected secrets and revelations resulting by the reading of the books, wich are the answers that each one is searching for.

In this book, sub-titled "The Path for Transformation", the author describes the fantastic journey of a person in search of a purpose on its life an its transformation.

This book is a picture of the challenges we face constantly when we engage in our path of personal and spiritual development, resulting from changes and choices we have to do.

In this book is intended that the main character reflects every human being on its path of self and spiritual realization. So, the reader has here an opportunity to know how to identify those challenges, win them and get a better perspective how to engage on its path smoothly.

The book 2 sub-title is "The Truth of Love" and the book 3 sub-title is "The Life and Beyond".

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A Blog named Woo Aliens only abduct schizophrenics and liars - Deva Sona

Before we see the stars darkness must fall.
When it did I wrote a blog.

In September 2008 my daughter went to school. What happened when she arrived left her in fear for her life. Too terrified to return home. Refusing contact with everyone she knew. After a year of refusing to deal with life threatening abuse the system turned to me. Saying that it was myself that caused my daughter harm, by my "unusual" spiritual beliefs. Beliefs rooted in "Conversations with God" by NDW. Beliefs that professionals could not say what they actually involved. Beliefs of being personally responsible for our experiences, connected to all things as one. Belief in Love.

In a violation of Human Rights my daughter was removed from my care and her abusers sent home from court. Leaving a child in the hands of her perpetrators, and out of her Mother's arms. Leaving a Mother hoping they never found out the real journey we had been on. A Journey that took us both through incredible spiritual awakenings. Bringing experiences of demons, angels, aliens and god, along with many unanswered questions to our door. Leaving me as a Mother wondering when and how to discuss our life together. But the choice was removed. Along with my child, who was led to believe that my belief in creation made me dangerous and ill. Our bond of love and incredible experience was ridiculed and made wrong. Stamping on a Mother's broken heart, taking out her child.

Life was no longer what I had lived and believed it to be. My rights were violated, my body assaulted, my daughter abused and professionals would not assist. I discovered other families were also loosing their children in violations by child protection officers and family courts. Silenced by threats of imprisonment and discredited by false diagnoses of mental illness. Abusing medicine to obtain control.

I entered a world that I could not believe. One that only I could set myself free from.

After an emergency court hearing shut down my website. Court papers were thrown in the garden prohibiting me from speaking out, and everything I did was used as evidence in court. The only place left that I could safely speak was to myself on a secret blog. A blog that when discovered by hungry solicitors was also brought into court.

A blog named Woo is the journal of a Mother waking up in hell, trying to making peace with the devil himself, and the other things that go bump in the night.

A Journal of a girl, moving through this world as a Woman, a Mother and deeply impacted Spiritual Child. Trying to figure it all out. Making love with pirates on the way.

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I Am that which I Am, and God is the true BEING of that which I AM. This means that God lives and exists in and through us. We need to look at all of what God is and all of what God has created. And then we can understand that we are all of that and that we can create all we desire. My book is about the ONENESS of who we are. My desire is that as you read it you will be able to release all thoughts and emotions of separation and start BEING the powerful BEING that you are, start living the life of a Child of God, start living the life of a Christed Being.

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Monday, April 19, 2010

The Light Within Finding your Light and Living beyond Pain - Lee Strickler

This book is about hidden issues - disabilities, chronic pain, mental illness, shyness, low self-esteem, etc. All those issues people hid in the 'closet' and avoid looking at or dealing with. The book focuses on living a successful, authentic life even with pain. The book takes you on a journey of self-discovery and awareness and leads you toward living a happier, more full-filling life.

There will be a website associated with the book that will include a forum, live chats with me, special guests, and forum members. Audio downloads of spiritual and inspiring music, worksheets with exercises and activities to help you explore your pain and discover your light.

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Either or...

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Friday, April 16, 2010

I AM BEING ME The Light & Love That I AM - HOPE ANN (Stephanie Pelly) and Artist: Abe Gurvin * Vanessa Goodman

I Am Being Me is an inspirational book that shares a wonderful spiritual message and powerful affirmations with you and your child.

The words help influence children by building their character, values and self-esteem. Children will gain a deeper self-awareness while reading these encouraging statements.

The universal message of this book is inspiring to all and meaningful to children of many ethnic and religious backgrounds.

I Am Being Me is an ageless and timeless book that develops inner peace and spiritual wisdom.

This book's positive and heart-warming message reminds people of all ages to recognize the love and light within themselves.

I AM BEING ME shares a global message of peace for humanity.

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Gilman's Parallel The French King - Robert W. Boyer

Robin Peter Gilman has never seen proof of the Holy Grail. But all of that changes in Llangollen, Wales, when a fairy mysteriously appears in his life and shows him the existence of a parallel universe and a destiny he never could have imagined. He finds new friends and powerful allies. Nothing happens without reason, however. Robin is the future king of the two parallel worlds but so is Peter Robyn, his own parallel life. Only one will exist when the two worlds merge, only one will be left to rule with good or evil intent, and only one can be the Mabus.

Gilman's Parallel/The French King is the thrilling first book in Robert W. Boyer's fantastic trilogy. Follow Robin Gilman's magical adventures as he stands up against evil most foul. Experience the exciting drama as he rejects his own evil destiny and fights against all that is wrong.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Children of Innocence To All who are willing to Heal and Inherit the Earth - Branka Koncar and Great Spirit

Years ago Life has danced me out of my teaching career and seduced me into my passion which is writing and dancing. I was a humble teacher, learning from children of all ages and eager to learn from the Supreme Teacher, from the Source itself. And this Source has sent me nothing but opportunities to grow. In solitude and silence I learned to hear the language of the heart. My soul guided me to translate several spiritual books and the call for creative writing found its expression in many articles and poems. A rehearsal through years of journaling seems to be over and there's a book knocking at my heart's door. It's really eager to fly out and I am willing to let it happen. I feel my inner dreams, visions and insights want to unite in this book. I needed to drop a lot of luggage first and give birth to the original innocent me and now I am guided to give birth to "The Children of Innocence". I'll lend my words to Love and see what happens. I fully trust my vision of the world filled with Joy, Peace and universal understanding. Life really is a Great Mystery: I live in Europe now, wrapped in my white skin, writing down messages from Great Spirit, echoes of wisdom from my red skin life and recepies for its use in modern times. It was said that time will come, when white people will need to hear the wisdom of those who knew how to respect the Earth. My soul still hears the whispers and my body remembers the dances of those times.

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Journey to Love The Universal Experiencen - Laura Noblejas

y book is a primer based on a book called A Course in Miracles (2007), originally written in the 1970's, by Drs. Helen Schucman and William Thetford, that makes it easier to comprehend so you can use its principles effectively in your own inner journey of healing and spiritual enlightenment. I write about how the Course facilitated the journey of this clinical psychologist toward healing and God. I also give the reader answers to some of their problems through practical clinical skills to further their spiritual journey to find that Inner Self. I felt impelled to write this book (which I started in June of 2009) by a power higher than myself within me. Then this Competition came about, forcing me to adhere to deadlines that I hadn't anticipated. So my book is still a work in progress, as is its title. I really hope to inspire those with mental illnesses to not let their illnesses overcome them or prevent them from realizing their true selves. I've struggled with depression almost my entire life, yet I still realized my dream of becoming a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with the intent of healing others. I wrongly thought that by reaching this "pinnacle" in my life, I would finally be happy. I was sadly mistaken. The Course has really changed my view of myself; of others; of the world; of life; of my approach to psychotherapy; and most of all, of God's place in my life and my real purpose in His Divine Plan. In order to reward all of you who have voted for me, please go to this address and leave me your email address and contact information (which will not be publish if you so indicate): in the comments section. When you go to this site, there is a link, in which you can click on, to immediately receive your gift, as my thanks for taking the time to vote for me. It is a piece of my heart and soul. Also, I will automatically enter you into a lottery in which 5 of you will win your choice of a CD with more about my book or a $25 certificate to or anywhere of your choice, as long as I have access to it here in rural Kansas. Thank you for your time and vote. God bless.

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The Cosmic Joke The Time Has Come to Say it OUT LOUD ~ The Answers Are within YOU! - Lynne Hazelden

The Cosmic Joke ~ Book 1

The time has come to say it out loud!

There is only one way out ~ The answers are within YOU.

This is a journey to find your own 'Sacred Cow' of truth that has nothing to do with religion or spirituality, but that might help you unlock the timeless, ancient answers that already are and have been within you all along.

It is time to set the record straight, that there are some misunderstandings that have become accepted as TRUTHs of the NEW THOUGHT AGE. In this book we are going to talk about them, bring some clarity and set you free from a one mantra fits all, life. We are going to look at little deeper now.

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Sabriye Sambou on Planting seeds for PEACE radio

Lynne Hazelden host of planting seeds for PEACE radio interviews Sabriye Sambou about her book, The Goddess Process, the 'how to' surrender guide for modern day women. Lynne is also contestant in the NTSA competition with her book The Cosmic Joke.

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

All You Need Is Love - Jan Hunneybell

All You Need Is Love' discusses using the power of unconditional love as a spiritual practice and a way of life. It explores what love is and compares conditional love with the unconditional kind, and focuses on finding and expressing inner love. It considers how to walk a path of unconditional love while living an effective and realistic life in the everyday world.

This is a channeled/co-created book. My communicator, John, has a down to earth, direct style, but speaks with warmth and humor, relating many of the issues discussed to his own life experience. I provide the self reflective exercises with each chapter and the guided visualizations for the CD to accompany the book.

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Clarion Light Beings of 911 & Beyond A Journey of the Continuance of Life - Christine Thum-DeFebo

he main focus of this book is about an online meditation group I started with the same title assisting the souls of the 911 Tragedies to heal but in turn, it was a healing hand being given from the Angels of 911 to help the Earth in her transition.

The first part of the book is about my inner journey and how I was able to communicate these energies - my own healing path. Within this section there will be spiritual tools to help others to connect to the world of Spirit. The second part will be a group of meditations that I have done for the past 8 years. The third, and last part of the book is how I healed spiritually through the whole process as I connected more deeply with the Creative Source of Oneness. I will include a CD with the prayers and visualization to go to the Temple of 911 along with pertinent transmissions from the group.

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How to vote video

In this video the voting procedure is explained. In the first round, the public has a large say in what will be the spiritual message of tomorrow.Until May 3rd 2010 the public can vote for the messages they want to have shared with the world. 250 Messengers of the more than 2500 authors will be allowed to continue in round 2. Your vote will make a difference...

I create, therefore I am The 'secret' psychology behind successful creators - Eugene Pitout

Descartes once said "I think, therefore I am." We can deduce that he thought that it was true.If you are what you think then thinking has everything to to with everything that you put your attention on.

This book is all about you and how you view life. It empowers you to make those profound changes in your reality by beginning on the inside. "From within so without", "On earth as it is in heaven", "as above so below". These sayings are all ways to let you see that you can change your reality by working from within you. This empowers you greatly because there is really not much you can do about the news, except to feel bad and lose your power but you do have full control of yourself.

Monday, April 5, 2010

TJ Phillips and Sabriye Sambou talking about the competition and the author Ning site

Listen to TJ and Sabriye talk about The Next Top Spiritual Author competition and what it is like to be a part of it! Press the playbutton below to listen to the mp3 in this post.

TJ's url is

Sabriye's url is

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Listening to Grace How walking in the light of Spirit can change your life. - Nicole Quinn

Listening to Grace: How walking in the light of Spirit can change your life, takes the reader on a journey through the spiritual journey of its author, Nicole Quinn, as well as the experiences and discoveries she has made along the way. As Spirits having a human experience, we are here with an agenda to learn lessons and to grow. These lessons are not easy, but when you look at your life through the eyes of the Spirit that dwells within, you begin to understand that you are not a helpless victim, and what you are experiencing is for a higher purpose. Your life will be filled with more joy and wonder as you begin to realize that you are a divine being with a connection to Spirit that cannot be broken. There is no death and no end to life- just the changing seasons. Getting to a place where you can see your life from this new perspective will allow you to see the higher purpose in your life, and you will never be the same again.

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Emotional Health Freedom from Suffering and Trauma - Michael Lawrience

Emotional Health explains the roots of emotional/mental suffering and ordinary people s experiences of healing, including some of my own. Testimonials demonstrate how to release trapped emotions such as anger and grief from the physical body as well as chronic physical pain. People describe healing deep-seated wounds from sexual and mental abuse, as they encounter a growing empowerment for the first time in their lives. Other stories illustrate how to begin to recognize codependent behaviors and the tools for gradual recovery into healthier relationships.

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It Does Matter and So Do You - Beth Rosen

The teachings contained in this book incorporate sacred knowledge passed down from enlightened masters of great integrity and wisdom. It has paved the way for me and countless others on the journey through the mountains and valleys of life.

It goes step by step so you can knock down the steel doors in your mind that are barricading your creative spirit from taking flight and realizing your dreams. It is designed to make you laugh as you learn to master the mind and lead with the heart.

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Loves True Home - Jean-Pierre Gregoire

Sri Gawn Tu Fahr has been described as Rumi on a rocket, Eckhart Tolle out of control, Einstein drunk on wine, Dr. Seuss on the loose, Gibran totally gone, Aristotle on the bottle, Ghandi with the wind, the Divine Poet of Facebook and Facebooks new age Guru. ~~~ Spirit flows into me like a mighty river. I marvel as thoughts, emotions and images tumble out of my mind and splash into my heart like a waterfall where they dance, frolic and mingle in a frothy bliss. The next thing I know inspirational thoughts, humor, prose and poems of Divine Love emerge as waves upon this sparkling river which flows like honey onto the pages of Loves True Home and into the hearts and minds of Gods children worldwide.

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Dimension's Doorway - Robyn Speed

DIMENSION'S DOORWAY is a modern parable, a tale of a spiritual journey, of one person who accepted the outrageous challenge to assist humankind to make a dimensional shift, to build a bridge between the third dimension and the fourth dimension. And to lead humanity across that bridge.

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

The New Relationship Finding Your Path to True Happiness - Laura-Jeanne Lehr

"The New Relationship" is going to completely change the way we look at relationships and help you use that new perspective to transform your own relationship. It's taking a new approach to our 'same old problems' and giving you practical solutions to create the loving, honest and accountable relationship your heart desires.

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Words of Love - Linda Beauvais

Have you ever wondered why sometimes you meet someone and it is like you have always known them. Is it possible that you have known each other for many past lives? And in those lives, they have been the vehicle of many valuables lessons. ­

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I can walk on fire but still can't manifest !! How to make the law of attraction FINALLY work for you - Nadia Chaal

Unless you have lived in a cave those last 5 years you have probably heard about the law of attraction but did you know that the biggest important key to make it work for you is missing from all the books and works on the subject ? In this book you will learn : - how you can't attract something unless you don't integrate your 9 environments in the process - how to craft your perfect personnal LOA plan that garantees your results - how to make a real difference in your world using the law of attraction. And much more...

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IT'S OK TO BELIEVE Moving From Head to Heart - Katherine T Owen

Are you on a spiritual path? Or do you just have a deep sense that you are more than a body? Yet does your mind put up a huge amount of opposition? Perhaps it objects to being associated with a particular religious or spiritual teaching. Perhaps it says it is not logical to believe. Are there just too many questions for you to really let go and trust?

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Friday, April 2, 2010

Believe in the moment - Teresa (TJ) Phillips

A series of books about the adventures of Molly, a single, intelligent, vivacious woman who travels the world doing the work she loves. She has everything, but as good as life is, she feels like something is missing. Is it because she just turned 30 or could there be more to it?

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Translating God into a New Age - Joanne Sprott

The purpose of this book is to translate God into a new age by transforming our understanding of the eternal messages made visible in the ancient texts. By taking another look, not at just a couple of stories that happen to fit into New Thought easily, but at the main universal themes of every book in the Bible, I plan to call forth not just an increase in human understanding, but a heart-level, soul-level transformation that frees you from the negatives of the past, but allows you to keep the positives.

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With Radical Faith and Effortless Grace The Journey to Heart Space - Julie Jacobs

Based on actual events, With Radical Faith and Effortless Grace... The Journey to HeartSpace delves deep and powerfully into one woman's romantic journey on the River of Life, which becomes her quest for transformation and self love.

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Angel Whispers - Peg Jones

This books speaks of how as a young child i was aware of the angels and guardian and how i probably spoke and saw them too.

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Henry's Vision on Judgement - Syl de Boer

Henry is a group of Higher Energy that gives its vision on human emotions and they start with explaining Judgement.

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