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The Next Top Spiritual Author Competition is an unique possibility for the public to vote into existence the message they have been waiting for. Over 2.500 writers joined this competition to share with you their spiritual message. 750 pitches have already been released into the world.You can vote on these messages by following the author ID link and voting there. And you can help spread the messages of your choice by adding them to your favorite Social Media! We the authors thank you.
You can also add the Messenger Podcast Widget to your website to help promote the messages. Just press the 'get widget' button and copy the code or choose the social media you want to add the widget to.
Vote for the Next Top Spiritual Authors by clicking on the A-ID links! Registration required. Your email address wil be treated with care.

Press Release

PRESS RELEASE The Next Top Spiritual Author Competition – the first round

The spiritual messages the world has been waiting for...
What if you could get your spiritual message out there like Katie Byron, Neale Donald Walsch or Eckhart Tolle? How would you do that? It is the dream of every writer to get a big platform for their spiritual message, to be able to share with millions what they have discovered for themselves. Great names have gone before them like Louise Hay, Debbie Ford or James Redfield, people who have used their personal experiences to give greater perspective to others. Not every writer can create such a platform in which to reach millions of people with their message. Now, however with the Next Top Spiritual Author competition, writers can have the experience of what it takes to become a bestselling author and learn how to get their message out into the world.

The public decides the spiritual message of tomorrow
What makes this competition even more interesting is that the public decides which spiritual messages they have been waiting for. The competition has started on March 29th with over 2500 writers and by May 3rd the
public will have reduced it down to 250 spiritual messages that they like the
most. Public vote is the major component of the 1st round,
deciding 75% of the vote. The other 25% is decided through peer assessment, by the writers.

Getting the message out there
The Grand Prize is a book contract with Hampton Roads Publisher, the publishing house who first published the ‘Conversation with God’ series from Neale Donald Walsch. But first the authors have to go through 4 rounds of voting to be able to be one of the finalist from which Hampton Roads will choose the winner. The objective of the first round is to rally up support for their book by creating an audio or video pitch about the book. Each author is given an unique url with Author ID number that they need to spread online and offline, to have people vote for them. The page of the URL contains the book pitch, author and book information and allows the viewer to vote.

The Messenger Podcast
To help the messages go viral a couple of contestants have pooled their resources and created The Messenger Podcast. In the podcast they have collected pitches of fellow authors and will also upload author in depth interviews about the new books. The Messenger Podcast can be listened to or watched on line and in iTunes, where the content can also be downloaded to be listened to on Mp3 or multimedia players. Do you want to have a say in the spiritual message of tomorrow? Then here’s your chance. Listen to the pitches and background information and decide for yourself which message you have been waiting for….