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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hey Bartender - another round for the house

The problem with this circle I’m in is that I always come back to the same place, over and over again. Jeez, I wish I could understand what reincarnation is ‘wheely’ all about.

Anything residing in a circle always returns to the same place many times over; this is the nature of the circle.

The largest circle the mind can possibly imagine sits within yet one more circle. Have you ever felt like you were going around in circles?

A circle is an interesting construct of the mind. It surrounds things and also prevent things from entering. Making a conscious choice to enter or exit a circle is much different than unknowingly living inside someone else’s circle.

The circle has been a powerful symbol throughout human history. It is said to represent unity, completion, perfection and even God. The symbol for infinity is no more than a circle with a twist. As Soul I view circles as a limiting construct of the nasty little mind. I am free and live outside of all circles in the boundless ocean of Spirit’s Love, where all circles have their being.

3rd dimension? 4th dimension? 5th dimension and beyond? It doesn’t matter; they’re all dimensions, limited constructs of the mechanical mind trapped forever in the worlds of matter and time. Love has no dimensions. Stop measuring and start treasuring.

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