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The Next Top Spiritual Author Competition is an unique possibility for the public to vote into existence the message they have been waiting for. Over 2.500 writers joined this competition to share with you their spiritual message. 750 pitches have already been released into the world.You can vote on these messages by following the author ID link and voting there. And you can help spread the messages of your choice by adding them to your favorite Social Media! We the authors thank you.
You can also add the Messenger Podcast Widget to your website to help promote the messages. Just press the 'get widget' button and copy the code or choose the social media you want to add the widget to.
Vote for the Next Top Spiritual Authors by clicking on the A-ID links! Registration required. Your email address wil be treated with care.

GuruStu - Enlighten Toons

A near-death experience as a child sent Stuart on a life long journey of spiritual exploration and expression. He became known as "GuruStu" and has hosted three radio shows (Enlighten Up, Manifesting the Positive and DARE to be your BEST) as well as authored hundreds of articles, cartoons. He is also an inspirational speaker and coach. His work appears in two books, "101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life" and "Overcoming Obstacles" with a series of books, based on DARE to be your BEST, coming up next.

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