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Conversations with Guv

What kind of interesting 3-way conversations can you get in Conversations with Guv? Lets introduce our speakers :

Kos(consciousness) Ego and Guv (our master intelligence)

Now tell us who is running the Show?
Footnotes to Guv slang:

Heego= BEFORE AWAKENING- separate ego believes it is running the Sheggo=student ego learning to trust Guv in the backseat
Aeggo=aligned ego - acknowledges Guv as the real driver 
Real Driver=when considered  which important stations the vehicle must stop at. The ego can choose a direct route or a very haphazard route.
As ego becomes a student, Guv steps more frequently at critical moments to keep the ego on target.

Ego-self= up till the point of our awakening it is choosing when to press pause on the ego-screen of thoughts, beliefs, emotions and intentions.

Ingredients= thoughts/beliefs, emotions and intentions(will power) Left Atrium=storeroom for the rejuvenated blood coming from the lungs

Right Atrium=storeroom for the depleted blood as it returns from it trip around the body

Left Ventricle=pumping room for the new blood for another trip around the body

Right Ventricle=pumping room for the depleted blood to the lungs

Digester= digester of thoughts and emotions

Thought Form Animater= Gives animation or life to the thoughtform

Manifestor(bsed on the heart) = sends out the electrons to the universe that will reflect back reality depending on the quality of the ingredients that were used

Detox Chamber=purifies the ingredients like the liver and the intestines

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