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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mercury in Retrograde 4/18-5/11/10

Hello All,

Mercury went retrograde at 12:05 AM EST time (4/18/10). Mercury will be retrograde till 5/11/10.

Mercury Retrograde is a time of inner reflection. It’s time to take communication and perception and merge them into one synergetic reflection of who we are, what we want to be and use the energy of introversion to understand it.

Mercury is currently in Taurus. The reflection of the calming essence of getting yourself integrated and grounded can find itself at the root of this Mercury in retrograde. Taurus represents the essential calmness of complexity in all of us. Find Taurus in your birthchart and see where your life needs a simple form of groundedness and still perception of the heart. Understanding the flow of getting your hands immersed in the “soul” can lead to the sense of unification of you and the earth.

As with any Mercury in Retrograde he is asking you to calm down and look inside. But in the case of the “Bull” that reflection must come in the balance we share with spirit and with the Earth. You must stay grounded in this Mercury retrograde or the wheels will come off and the spare will be of little use. Find time to reflect upon what you feel in the journey into spring. Acknowledge the specialness of the oneness we share with the Earth.
Earth Day is in conjunction with this Mercury in retrograde and with it being in Taurus it is giving a special emphasis on what we need to pay attention to. If we find ourselves feeling the specialness that our Earth provides our being, we will be in alignment with what we are being shown during this period. You must find time to get out of your office and spend time with the “Great Mother”. Look at her as you did as a child with wonderment and appreciation. Thank her for all the gifts she gives us and be mindful of what we take from her. Know that we take from ourselves when we take from the “Great Mother”. During this period if you are not being reflective and thankful for all the “Great Mother” provides us this Mercury in retrograde will see to it that you are.
Love and Light…

Brad Williams Astrology

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