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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Conversations with Guv

Kos: Ego have you noticed that many of those 60's and 70's songs playing on the radio sound so different now?

Ego: Yes I notice your heart is crying for joy. Why is that?

Kos: Well firstly I am paying more attention the words,

Secondly I Interpret the Conversation as more of a 3-way Conversation Between my male part, my female part and my Guv Inside the Heart Rather Than the more Conventional two-way Conversation Between two human Lovers That I related to, over last Decades,

and thirdly I can now feel the pure unconditional love emanating from the singer that I never was able to feel before!

Ego: Very compelling? Let's ask Guv for his take on it.

Guv: You know-music love is frequency and is frequency - Consider That all That Unconditional Love Pouring Out Along Tyler, But the frequency of you Kosat a Tyler not Sufficient to Resonate with it.

Congratulations to Both of you - you Koshave done a lot of inner work over the last Two years Especially now and Ego is Taking time off from His busy 24 / 7 schedule to Tune in to us. But guys we need to get up early tomorrow morning - let's pack it up for the night.

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