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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sacred Truths An Unveiled Path to an Abundance of Joy, Meaning and Love - Tambra Harck

Sacred Truths are informed by cosmic and elemental laws that some may call Universal Principles or Divine Laws. I have spent my life as a student and teacher, seeking always to learn and apply, and offer the discoveries as I unearth them. Mine is a soulful approach. I honor wholeness, seeing the richness of who we each are as inner-beings with outer-lives. An unveiled path traverses both directions, inner and outer.

Sacred Truths apply to our whole Selves. With them I believe you can truly transform your life. That's a big statement, I know, transform your life. It's not one I make lightly. I know  both from my own personal journey, and from the many thousands of clients and students I have worked with that lasting and sustained transformation really can and does happen - even with the slightest shifts in your energy and awareness. Often, it is the slight shifts that bring about the deepest changes.

The word truth may conjure up ideas that I am a guru, or that I'm purporting to have all the answers. That is not the case. The one absolute Truth I hold is that you are a radiant soul, a person with unique gifts to express and share with the world.

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