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Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Life and Other Recipes The Journey; from survival to self-care - Renee Baribeau

My book, My Life and Other Recipes, weaves my personal journey from childhood, to cooking school, to owning my first restaurant, being swallowed alive by corporate America, and coming back out again into the world of healing myself and others. It is the story of how I was able to mix ingredients like neglect and abuse during childhood, the craziness of growing up with addiction, then living with it myself, and the rituals of various spiritual traditions into a stew that has become a bountiful feast to nourish me and others as well.

When I was twenty years old, I discovered quite by accident that I was a natural cook and that my destiny was unraveling towards a career in food and entertaining others. Cooking was a double-edged sword in my life and, while I believe whole-heartedly it saved me from an early death with drugs and alcohol, it became the sole determination of my self-worth for years.

This book is a self-help memoir that will make you laugh, cry, and, I hope, get you to look at your own stories: the myths that have created your favorite recipes for living. As you read this story, you will see that the healing which can take place in your life and the life of others united by food is monumental. Each episode begins with a ritual, followed by a story, and then a recipe. The recipes are included because I believe that only by coming once again to our tables will we bridge the isolation of our current lifestyle. 

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