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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Conversations with Guv

Kos: There’s a big difference between knowing something intellectually and really digging it. Here’s an example.
Around 2007 I started to understand on an intellectual level about the link between physical health and emotions. I was rather shocked to read that most of our physical problems and ailments are actually mirrors of emotional trauma trapped inside us that have not been healed.
I started to integrate this belief into my essence because I understood that if I don’t seriously address my emotional imbalance then I will sooner or later end up in hospital with a physical problem.
This knowledge set me on a path to investigate how to heal my emotional hurt.
Ego: I remember very well when you would be in so much pain that you would run to bed, hide away for 12 hours and waken up the next morning able to resume functioning in 3d reality.
Guv: Yes you have come a long way from there but Kos – you fill the readers in - on the sequence of events and I think many of them will be able to relate to your story.

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